COMPUSHIP Consulting Services



Comp-U-Ship offers both Project and Hourly Consulting depending on what works best in your situation. Most initial consultations are at no cost so we can determine what would work best in your situation.

Project Consulting

Project Consulting is where there is a defined Scope of Work (SOW) that will allow Comp-U-Shipt to estimate a fixed fee for completion of all or a portion of the work defined in the SOW. Where a written SOW is not available, Hourly Consulting may be engaged to document it properly.

Hourly Consulting

Very similar to working with your own employees. This service is usually selected when the task(s) are not well defined. The client expects that RapidWebStart has the expertise to complete ad-hoc activities or assist in documenting the Scope of Work for a more complex project. 

  • Daily Rates (1 to 40 hours with a 2 hour minimum) 
  • Weekly Rates (41 to 120 hours) 
  • Monthly Rates (121 hours and up)