Computer Repair

Why use Comp-U-Ship for computer services?

  • Never charge a diagnosis fee
  • Stock thousands of parts
  • Offer same-day service
  • We work on all brands of laptops, desktops and servers including:
  • Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, HP, Compaq, Apple, Samsung, Sony, and many more.
  • Track warranties on all part replacements and service record
  • All repairs done in our facility
  • In office/home service available
  • Pickup/dropoff service available
  • Very affordable rates

Backup Solutions

Comp-U-Ship offers many different backup solutions including onsite backup, offsite backup, and datacenter hosted backup solutions. We are an industry leader in backup solutions and have a solution to fit every need. We offer solutions that can backup a single PC and scale up to backing up entire corporate server architecture. Our solutions start at only $10/month.

Virus Removal

We are experts in virus removal. Unlike other companies we offer to remove the virus, not just reinstall the operating system. We offer a full range of anti-virus and security software. For our clients we recommend our Managed Anti-Virus product. The Managed Anti-Virus programs allows us to ensure the computers stay up-to-date on virus definitions and reports threats found to our team. The client can then receive alerts and reports on the virus activity found on their computers.



Your Own Cloud

Comp-U-Ship offers an innovative service offering called create your own cloud. This service is a great way to have access to your data from any location and keep that data backed up in multiple locations. This service is an efficient way for companies to support the mobile needs of the new workforce. The service is scalable from 10GB of data to more than 50TB. Call us today to learn more about this innovative and affordable service.


Comp-U-Ship provides all of your wireless and wired networking needs. Networks are necessary to allow computers, printers, servers, phones, and all internet ready devices to talk to each other and the internet. We provide all of the networking equipment that is needed to make your network running fast and efficient. The speed of your network can be significantly increased by replacing aging networking equipment or simply changing settings that may be affecting network speed. We can help connect all of your office equipment to the network to take advantage of the network enabled features.