Website Project

Client needs the ability to update their website themselves

responsive websiteThe client has spent a lot of time, effort and money on their website when it was first launched in 2005.  Even after a major update to the site in 2009,  it is still an HTML/CSS based site where any updates are passed to their outsourced webmaster to implement. 

In 2009, Content Management Systems (CMS) were starting to hit their stride, but for many, it had not yet struck a cord with most businesses.  In 2015, that is no longer the case.  This client sees their competitors updating their websites at least weekly and sometimes daily, and they are lucky if they can get something new up once a month. 

Establish the "Team" / Identify Roles / Plan

Comp-U-Ship takes a team approach to working on a website.  That means that from the choice of the look and feel of the site to adding the content, we include the client as part of that process.  This is also where client training occurs.  We also agree on the "go live" date as our target.

Execute Project Plan - Review or Change as necessary 

Execution of the project plan to meet the "go live" deadline is critical.  Shifting original plans as necessary to ensure success!  No additional charges unless discussed with the client first.

Test all Links, Review Content and Launch New Website

Quality control is very important.  Both Comp-U-Ship and the client will go through each page and read and verify accuracy and links are going to the correct places!

responsive website

What We Used in the Project

In this project we utilized the DNN Community Version 7.3 for the underlying functionality.  This product contains significant capabilities and allows for us to purchase and install modules as needed to deliver the capabilities needed.  For the "look" of the site, we started with a Skin/Template from BestDNNSkins that allowed for unlimited colors selection and provided for widgets to make the site look more appealing.

dnn websitednn skinsdnn solutions

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