Microsoft Office 365 Exchange

Client wants the ability to sync their e-mail, contacts, and calendar on all devices

email syncThe client was a law firm. The firm needed the ability for the office staff to add items to the attorneys' calendars and for those appointments to show up on their mobile devices. Client also needed their e-mail and contacts to be synced with their desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Client also wanted a feature that would keep all e-mail that is received, sent, or deleted from all accounts. 

Seamless Transition

Comp-U-Ship recommended the Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange plan with legal hold. This enabled the client to have all their e-mail, contacts, and calendars to be synced on all of their devices. It also enabled the sharing of calendars so the office staff could add, modify, and delete appointments for the attorneys on the road. The plan also had a legal hold feature that kept a record of every e-mail that was sent, received, or deleted. The assisted migration allowed the client to keep all of their current e-mail and contacts. 

e-mail sync

Microsoft Office Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Office Hosted Exchange Plan with Legal Hold

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Office 365

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