In-Store Selection

Comp-U-Ship discusses each product purchase with our customers to ensure that it will improve efficiency, productivity, and reliability for their home or business. We are partnered with all major brands such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo. We mainly stock and recommend Lenovo products. 


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Thinkcentre X1

The Lenovo Thinkcentre X1 is a great All-In-One for home or business. The product offers the benefits of a desktop without the footprint. These units are great for any environment where space is a factor or a larger screen is beneficial. 


The tiny offers the performance of a desktop in case smaller than a shoe-box. The tiny offers almost endless configurations to fit every need. These units can mounted on monitors, under desks, or simply placed on the desk. These units work great for retail environments or small work spaces. 

Mounting Solutions

Comp-U-Ship has partnered with Ergotron to provide a comprehensive mounting solution portfolio including installation services.  We have solutions for retail, medical, office space, conference rooms, and much more. The product lines includes mounts supporting eight monitors, full workstation mounting, desk mounts, projectors, and much more. We can provide professional installation services in all 50 states.

X1 Carbon

The X1 Carbon offers mobility, performance, and security in a small package. The unit is currently one of the lightest units on the market. It is great for on-the-go employees or executives. The unit offers premium Intel processors, SSD drives, and a large memory capacity. The unit offers many premium features such as a backlit keyboard, finger print reader, and optional docking solutions. 


Comp-U-Ship provides servers to fit any business need. We can customize a solution to fit the needs of your business to maximize the efficiency, productivity, and reliability of your business. We will work with all of your software vendors to ensure the best performance for your office environment. 

Miix 510

The Miix 510 offers a tablet form factor with laptop-like performance.The 2-in-1 offers performance similar to the Microsoft Surface at a much lower price point. This product is great for client presentations or anyone looking for an easy to carry device for daily use. 

IP Cameras

 Internet Cameras allow you to view the video camera feeds from anywhere that has internet access. You can view the video feeds from your computer, tablet, and phone. We combine these cameras with either a DVR device to record the camera video. These cameras are a great way to provide a level of security for your home or business without incurring monthly fees.