In-Store Selection

Why buy from COMPUSHIP?  Every day we work with businesses and individuals who have very specific technology needs.  We review what is available multiple times a month and select products that we believe will provide our clients with value, both financially and when put in use.


In order to do this, our in-store stock changes quite regularly.  We do our best to post  information both online on our website and in monthly emails to our clients.  CLICK HERE to see the current inventory!

Desktop Computers

Comp-U-Ship sells all major brands of desktops including Dell, HP, Lenovo, and also Nexlink. Our current recommended units are the Lenovo Idea and ThinkCentre desktops or the Nexlink 3250 series. We stock both new and refurbished desktops in our store. We offer both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers. We have units as low as $150.

All-In-One Computers

All-In-One computers are great for the space conscientious customer. All of the computer components are located behind the monitor. These units can be outfitted with non-touch or touch screens. These units are great solutions for retail, medical, and office environments. The units can be fully mounted to the wall to eliminate the need for a desk. Our current recommendation is the Lenovo ThinkCentre All-In-One series.

Mounting Solutions

Comp-U-Ship has partnered with Ergotron to provide a comprehensive mounting solution portfolio including installation services.  We have solutions for retail, medical, office space, conference rooms, and much more. The product lines includes mounts supporting eight monitors, full workstation mounting, desk mounts, projectors, and much more. We can provide professional installation services in all 50 states.

Laptop Computers

Comp-U-Ship sells all major brands of laptops including Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Asus. Whether you need a computer for basic home internet surfing or for CAD drawings at an engineering firm, we have a solution for you. We offer both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers. Our current recommendations are the Lenovo ThinkPad or HP Envy.



Servers are required to share applications and files in a business environment. Many times servers are used to easily distribute custom applications, business files, required patches, and provide easy access to the network from outside the physical location. Servers can usually be purchased with many different options such as number of hard drives, redundant power supplies, number of CPUS, and amount of RAM. Comp-U-Ship has partnered with Nexlink and Lenovo to provide customized server solutions.


Tablet Computers

Mobility in the workforce is a requirement. There are many types of tablets on the market but finding the right one can be difficult. You must consider operating system, required hardware, application requirements, and port types. Comp-U-Ship can help you purchase the correct tablet for your needs. Our current recommendations are the Lenovo Yoga and the Asus T100. 

IP Cameras

Comp-U-Ship has partnered with Trendnet for our Internet Camera products. Internet Cameras allow you to view the video camera feeds from anywhere that has internet access. You can view the video feeds from your computer, tablet, and phone. We combine these cameras with either a computer or Synology DVR device to record the camera video. These cameras are a great way to provide a level of security for your home or business.