Hosted Email

Hosted Exchange gives small businesses all of the benefits of an enterprise grade e-mail solution.  These benefits include the syncing of all e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks across all of your devices. When e-mail is read on one device, it shows up as read on all devices. This solution also gives you the ability to create shared calendars so all employees can see the schedule of each employee in real time. This feature enables admin staff to add, edit, or remove items from employee schedules. The e-mail is also hosted on a redundant server architecture so you no longer need to worry about backing up your outlook files on your computer. This service can cost as little as $4/month. 

Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktops allow for your desktop environment to be accessed on multiple devices. This solution can eliminate the need for data backup and eliminates the need for purchasing specific hardware to run certain applications. The desktops are easy to deploy and can be replicated easily. Hosted desktops can also provide a much higher level of security because the desktops are running in a server environment. 

Cloud Storage and Backup

Comp-U-Ship has partnered with Ctera to offer hybrid backup and file storage solutions. The hybrid solution includes hardware devices that can be located at your office that stores all your files and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. The data stored on the device can be automatically backup to another device or a cloud location. For a truly cloud based solution, we offer cloud hosted data using our cloud sync and share option which puts all your data in the cloud and can be access from any computer, tablet, or phone. We also offer data solutions such as Microsoft Onedrive, Sharepoint, and Dropbox.



Hosted Network

Hosting your network infrastructure in the cloud provides a high level of security without the need to be constantly upgrading local network hardware. Firewalls and network routing functions can be performed and tested in the cloud instead of managing local devices. 

Hosted Servers

Hosting servers in the cloud allows for software to be run on redundant hardware. Using cloud servers, new servers can be brought up quickly and migration can be quicker and easier. Hosted servers require no upfront investment in hardware or software. Cloud servers can provide all of the same functionality of local servers such as file storage, application hosting, active directory, security, and remote access. Cloud servers can often be hosted for as low as $60/month.